Private Presale Rules & Conditions

Seed Investment and Presale Strategy

To kickstart Boggy Coin, we needed to secure seed investors and raise an initial fund. Without this foundational support, the project wouldn’t be possible. Therefore, we allocated 15% of the total supply to these investors and conducted a “Private Presale.”

Protecting Pinksale Contributors and Ensuring Healthy Growth

Anticipating a subsequent Pinksale, we implemented specific rules and conditions to safeguard our Pinksale contributors and ensure $BOGGY can experience healthy growth.

Vesting Schedule for Private Presale Participants

Every individual who participated in our private presale will have their tokens vested over a predetermined period. This means they will not have immediate access to all the tokens they purchased at launch. Instead, a flexible vesting schedule will be employed, adjusted based on the performance of our Pinksale Fairlaunch.

Ensuring Equal Opportunity

By implementing this vesting schedule, we aim to prevent seed investors from having disproportionate power compared to Pinksale contributors and those purchasing $BOGGY through Raydium. This approach ensures that all participants start on equal footing, promoting a fair and balanced ecosystem for $BOGGY.

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